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10 very short drabbles

Author: a_shadows_kiss
Pairing: Soubi/Ritsuka
Rating: PG going to PG-15
POV: Third, either Soubi's or Ritsuka's.
Disclaimer: I do not own Loveless or its characters
Author Notes: First 10 from the 100 drabbles, inspired by a prompt table from ficlets100. The word count goes from 35 to 56 per drabble, they're very short.

After Seimei died, everything changed. And most definitely not for the best. But, Ritsuka thought, if Soubi would be there forever to protect him, maybe things wouldn't turn out to be so bad after all.

Sometimes it felt like no one saw him. Everyone looked at him, but no one actually saw him. Almost as if he were a ghost or a shadow of something that was and never would be. Two big violet eyes owned by none other then Ritsuka glared up at him and yeah, this was being visible.

He catches himself making up silly excuses to try and get away from his school as fast as possible because he saw him, the tall blond man who came just for him. The tall blond foolish Soubi who's two hours early.

It shocked him somehow, when he first saw the small boy. Seimei had told a lot about him, and about the way he was treated by their mother. But what he saw when he first looked into Ritsuka's big eyes, was nothing but innocence.

For some reason he keeps lying. No matter how hard he tries and begs and pleads and commands, Soubi just keeps lying. There is just nothing he can do, except for telling him that he's disappointed in him and actually punish him. But scarring that soft skin, would be the biggest crime.

When they leave the two high school girls crumbled on the floor he holds Ritsuka's hand in his. The wind is beating against them with iron fists and the boy shivers in his flimsy coat. He picks him up and holds him close until they reach the train station, the boy didn't once complain.

The only thing missing about the man hovering over him were the two big white fluffy wings. If he'd had them then Ritsuka could actually call him a guardian angel, as Soubi bandaged his left arm for the second time this week.

It disturbs him sometimes, when Ritsuka licks the blood of his chest during battle. It disturbs him because it's pure and innocent Ritsuka, licking his dirty blood of his filthy body. The only thing that makes it worse is that after battle, Ritsuka curses his brother for scarring him.

Yayoi looks at him and seizes him up every time they meet again. Especially at times like these, when Ritsuka is standing right next to his beloved Yuiko. The Yuiko he has absolutely no interest in. How can Yayoi not see that not he, but Kio is Ritsuka's enemy for he might be stealing Soubi away?

It's weird, the bond he had with a single item, the weirdness though, doesn't change the situation at hand. He twists the doorknob slowly, so slowly that anyone could stop him, if they wanted too. Soubi meets no resistance though, this time Ritsuka didn't fell asleep against the door waiting for him, actually, he's still reading.

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