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Home (Natsuo/Youji, PG) [19 Jan 2015|01:41am]

Fandom: Loveless
Title: Home
Pairing: NatsuoxYouji
Rating: PG (boys cuddling)
Timeline: While Natsuo and Youji are shacking up with Soubi.
Words: 327
Summary: The Zero boys briefly debate where they belong.

“I’m so tired.”

What Will Never Be [12 Jan 2015|03:54am]

Fandom: Loveless
Title: What Will Never Be
Pairing: RitsuxSoubi
Rating: PG13 (angst, brief mention of a violent act)
Timeline: Volume 8, shortly after Seimei does that awful thing
Summary: Soubi visits Ritsu...
Words: 562

Although unintended, this could be considered a follow-up to In the Dark.

“I was hoping that you would come.”

Resolution One-shot "A New Beginning" [01 Jan 2015|09:05pm]

Fandom: Loveless
Title: Resolution
Pairing: SoubixRitsuka
Rating: PG13 (fluff and angst, mentions past unpleasantness)
Timeline: **Future AU** Takes place one year after the Epilogue.
Summary: While preparing for the future, Soubi contemplates the past.
Words: 1608
AN: This is a quick one-shot I wrote because I was in the mood to revisit this story.  After all the time I spent avoiding it, go figure.

Chapter listing is here.

It was hardly the life he had imagined for them...

[28 Oct 2014|03:02am]

Fandom: Loveless
Title: Kiss
Pairing: Ritsuka/Soubi
Rating: G

Summary: Just a small drabble piece.

Read Here

[28 Oct 2014|01:35am]

Beneath the stars of our sin.
Fandom: Loveless
Title: Beneath the stars of our sin
Pairing: Ritsuka/Soubi
Rating: T (For future references of violence.)
Timeline: Set during the manga after Soubi and Ritsuka visit the cemetry.
A/N: This will be a multichapter fic.

Summary:He bit down on the inside of his cheek to keep from crying out as the tail of the whip landed home. Despite the name carved into his neck, Soubi had become his in the time they had been together and Ritsuka would do whatever took to get him back.

Read here

Limitless; A Ritsuka and Soubi fanfiction. [12 Aug 2013|01:32am]

( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )

Loveless no More [22 Oct 2011|03:30pm]

Title Loveless no More
Author uke_incognito
Pairing Soubi/Ritsuka
Rating PG-13
Warnings Mentions of abuse, fluff
Disclaimer Never has been. Never will be. So.
Note I wrote this years ago. Be gentle, please.

Summary All Ritsuka was trying to do that day was buy some stuff for his brother and mom. He wasn't expecting all the changes it would bring upon him.



Drabble: Zero Tolerance [18 Oct 2011|12:24pm]

Title: Zero Tolerance
Pairing: None (sort of one-sided KioxSoubi)
Rating: PG
Timeline: Mid-series
Summary: Kio watches over Natsuo and Youji while Soubi's gone...
Words: 307
AN: Contest drabble.  Fake cut to my fic journal.
Disclaimer: The awesomeness known as Loveless does not belong to me.

The things a man would do to get into Soubi’s pants...


Unclaimed Baggage [Ritsuka/Soubi, Kio; PG-13; 1300 words] [06 Oct 2011|09:07pm]

Title:  Unclaimed Baggage
Rating:  PG-13
Pairing/Characters:  Ritsuka/Soubi, Kio        
Word Count:  1300
Summary:  Soubi gets evicted.  
A/N:  This is by far one of the most ridiculous things I've ever put together.  BUT I DON'T CARE!!!  It was crafted with love, for [info]midnitemaraud_r's birthday. ♥ Unbeta'd and totally unbelievable. :P

By the time their first beers were finished and their seconds barely opened, Soubi had regaled Kio with a tale involving oil-based paint, the landlord's car, and something about subpar auto upholstery.


[04 Sep 2011|06:28pm]

<lj-cut text="I don't know how it happened..."> Text </lj-cut>

Not the Same: update [19 Aug 2011|01:45am]

In my customary fashion, it's taking me forever to write something. After 3 years, it's back.

Title: Not The Same
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Soubi/Seimei, Soubi/Ritsu
Word Count: 8,653
Summary: BELOVED's scar begins to disappear and Soubi struggles, desperately trying to cling to its meaning.

Read On

Angles, Right and Left Behind [Ritsuka/Soubi; PG; 270 words] [17 Jul 2011|10:36am]

Title: Angles, Right and Left Behind
Rating: PG
Pairing: Ritsuka/Soubi
Word Count: 270
Summary: Soubi asks a question and Ritsuka considers all the angles.
A/N: Written for japanimecrazed, who asked for "Ritsuka/Soubi, moving in together." Hope this pleases!

"You can't be serious," Ritsuka says, taking a step backwards.


[Drabble] In the Dark [09 Jul 2011|06:17pm]

Title: In the Dark
Pairing: None (could be read as one-sided Ritsu/Soubi, if you like)
Rating: PG
Timeline: Spoilers for Volume 8
Summary: Ritsu reflects...
AN:   It occurred to me that I haven't posted any of my Loveless fic here in quite awhile and I thought I would rectify that.  This was written for a challenge community.  
Approx. 175 words.  Fake cut to my journal.


[31 Mar 2011|03:09pm]

Wel hi there! I'm not sure how active this place is, but I have Loveless fic, and this seemed like the best place to post it!

First time posting here, first time writing for loveless, so I hope you enjoy the two fics i have so far. The second one is so short i didn't think it needed its own post.

Title: A Lingering Order
Pairing: Seimei/Soubi
Warnings: angst
Rating: PG (I think, I'm bad at raitings)
Summury: Soubi Is having a hard time adjusting without Seimei. set pre-sereis.

Read hereCollapse )

Title: Trust
Pairings: (all only mentioned) Ritsu/Soubi, Seimei/Soubi, Onesided Kio/Soubi, Soubi/Ritsuka
Warnings: Very breif mentioned rape/abuse
Rating: PG
Summury: All the people Soubi has trusted, and how thy let him down.

Read HereCollapse )

Enjoy, and I'd love coments on eithre fic!
3 w/es * Love?

[FIC] Four Times Ritsuka Didn't Lose His Ears (and the One Time He Did) - Soubi/Ritsuka [23 Feb 2011|04:23pm]

[ mood | okay ]

Title: Four Times Ritsuka Didn’t Lose His Ears (and the One Time He Did)
Author: Kagome
Series: Loveless
Word Count: 1,379
Rating: R
Characters, Pairings: Soubi/Ritsuka
Summary: Soubi wants Ritsuka’s first time to be special, and he wants Ritsuka to be absolutely certain that he is ready. Ritsuka, meanwhile, believes that he just might explode due to all the sexual frustration.
Warnings: sexual content, sap.
Notes: Requested by hmittens. Prompt was “Losing your ears means everything to me.”

(Four Times Ritsuka Didn’t Lose His Ears (and the One Time He Did))


Fic: "Wingspan", Seimei/Soubi, R [25 Oct 2010|07:58pm]

Title: Wingspan
Rating: R
Pairing: Seimei/Soubi
Warning: Contains various BDSM kinks
Notes: This is more of a serious of drabbles than a complete fic: it has been created using the format from 1sentence and their epsilon table themes, and each of their 50 prompts makes one sentence.

there's nothing younthful about SeimeiCollapse )
8 w/es * Love?

Nothing That Hasn't Been Done Before (R, Soubi/Kio, Angst/AU) [20 Oct 2010|12:02pm]
Tragic crack. Meant-to-be-smart cross-overing. Kio fixes his body back to 12.


Fic: "This Black Ceiling", NC-17 [18 Oct 2010|11:02am]

[ mood | sad ]

Title: "This Black Ceiling"
Pairing: Soubi/Ritsuka (implied), Ritsu/Soubi
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Rape and child abuse. Triggering.
Summary: Sometimes Soubi misses his ears.

he had not considered what it would cost him for his ears to be removed from his skinCollapse )

9 w/es * Love?

Cloudy with a Chance [Ritsuka, Soubi, Kio; PG; 422 words] [17 Oct 2010|11:44am]

Title: Cloudy with a Chance
Rating: PG
Word Count: 422
Summary: "How the hell do you make a turtle out of a submarine?!"
A/N: Loveless schmoop as a belated birthday gift for midnitemaraud_r . 

The ground was cold and the grass prickly, but Ritsuka wasn't either of those things.


[Fanfic] "Orchestra of Colors" - 3 Chapters so far [10 Oct 2010|09:20pm]

Hey everyone!
So I opened my own fanfiction comm to motivate myself to get back to writing. I have three short chapters of a Loveless fanfiction I started like 2 years ago, and now I plan to continue it. I'm here to share the first three chapters. I remember like 2 years ago I had posted two of the chapters, but 2 years ago is well, long ago LOL.

Title: Orchestra of Colors
Chapter(s): 3 so far. Incomplete.
Author: Himu (purinchun )
Rating: PG-13 (violence, possibly implicit sex scenes in future chapters)
Genre: Drama, Angst
Fandom: Loveless
Characters/Pairings: No pairings in these chapters, but characters that show up are Ritsuka, his mother, and Yuiko.
Summary: Ritsuka is hurt. Soubi is gone. What happened?

Note: All the chapters for this fanfiction will be short. I write them like one-shots, but they're all connected.

Chapter 1 | Chapter 2 | Chapter 3

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